Your amazing ideas need a space to fully develop.

Record. Plan. Assign. Check & confirm your plans.
Develop an Idea
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Develop Your Ideas


Capture and Organize Your Ideas

Easily record ideas any time and develop your best ones into real businesses.

Prioritize what is important to you. Store everything in the cloud and access it from any device.


Invite Collaborators to Join You

Turn your ideas into something more by inviting collaborators to work on your projects.

Simple user management and useful tools will help you get the results you desire.


Execute on all Fronts

Turn ideas into projects, assign tasks, add users, backup, manage and develop. All in one place.

Choose from our wide range of apps to help you take your business ideas in the direction you desire.


Get Your Idea to Your Customers

Seamless integration with our CRM helps you get your ideas in front of your customer.

Capture information from your customers to iterate and improve on your ideas.