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Statement of Purpose

The iimagine project is the physical manifestation of the Maximum Positive Impact (“MPI”) philosophy. Its singular purpose is to achieve MPI on the planet. It will achieve this by helping its users achieve MPI on their own lives and on the planet and, therefore, its impact will be the cumulative impacts of its users. Each individual will be free to determine what MPI is and means for them.

The purpose of iimagine has been designated as MPI because it is the highest purpose. In the event that a higher purpose is discovered or invented then iimagine will adopt this as its purpose. iimagine’s purpose is intended to be the same as the purpose of each individual, humanity and nature.

Like the MPI philosophy, the iimagine project will op­erate in a manner that most closely resembles nature. Like nature, it has a very clear purpose but no leader. Like living things in nature, it has its own DNA (the MPI philosophy) that will evolve based on what it learns over time. Like nat­ural systems, over time, the iimagine project will increas­ingly represent and reflect the cumulative views and ac­tions of its members and increasingly become an open, self correcting, self organizing and self regulating system.

iimagine has no predetermined views. It encourages all views (as opposed to merely tolerating them) and will allow trial and error over time to determine whether certain views cause a positive or negative impact and should be retained or discarded.

iimagine will become an outward expression the collective imagination, will and actions of its users by providing them with the tools they require to fully apply their unique perspectives and talents to the advancement of humanity in an MPI direction.

Iimagine will not be restrained by geography or jurisdiction and, whenever necessary, will reorganize around the technolo­gy, people and locations necessary for it to achieve its purpose.