I Imagine Life

Individuals can create their own Lifewall and figure out how to find their own passion and pursue it in a way that maximizes their impact on their own lives and the lives of ev­erybody they care about. A safe place where people would be able to start their own journey of self discovery and inter­act with other people on the same journey. So the I Imagine project will maximize its impact by helping everyone that uses it to maximize their impact. It only succeeds if you succeed.

The tools in the individual impact section allow you create your own life wall, figure out what parts of your life you want to work on, turn them into goals, turn the goals into projects, the projects into tasks and eventually turn the goals into reality.

The global impact section lists many of the most influ­ential organizations in the world. Members of iimagine will be able to rate the impact of all of these organizations on a scale of negative ten to positive ten. A negative number means that an organization’s impact is negative and a positive number means that its impact is positive. The definition of organiza­tion is broad – if a collection people doing something has an impact, it’s eligible to be on the list. So the list includes cor­porations, nonprofits and the world’s major governments but it also includes movies, media organizations, television shows, individual politicians and even bands and other musical acts.

There is a link between the personal impact and glob­al impact sections of I Imagine. You may want to maximize your impact by creating your own Impact Listing. It might be a new invention, a new nonprofit, an app, a new business or even a new movement. After creating the Impact List­ing you can choose to make it public and invite other mem­bers to help you make it a reality by contributing encour­agement, ideas, expertise, work and even money. This gives you crowd funding and access to the wisdom of the crowd.

The ability to create a new Impact Listing and get assis­tance from the community is obviously very helpful for in­dividuals seeking help with their goals but, if the Impact Listing has a goal that can have a big impact on humanity, iimagine will also serve as the platform where people that have different skills and backgrounds can come together to crowd source solutions to the world’s biggest problems.

The iimagine project is an experiment. It’s the first organization of its kind. There is no other organiza­tion whose sole reason for existing is to have the biggest possible impact on the world regardless of what it in­volves or how it will be done. It is also the first ever project to be based on the world’s first open source philosophy.